Although implants are the treatment of choice for replacing teeth, dentures can be an effective way of replacing teeth for some patients. They will let you speak, eat and smile normally. As with all treatments we will discuss your options and associated costs leaving you to make the final choice.

A removable denture can replace some or all teeth. It consists of replacement teeth attached to a gum coloured plastic base which is sometimes held by a metal framework which can give more strength. A denture will also prevent other teeth from moving.

Dentures normally take four visits over a number of weeks to make. On your initial appointment the dentist will take impressions of your mouth. The laboratory will then provide a special tray and some wax blocks. At your next appointment this special tray will be used to take a more detailed impression of your mouth. The wax blocks will also be used to give an accurate measurement of how you bite together. The laboratory will then provide a set of trial dentures. At the next appointment the trial dentures will be fitted for appearance and fit. If both the dentist and our patient is happy then they can be sent back to the laboratory one final time. The laboratory will then convert the denture into gum coloured plastic. At the final appointment, the dentist will fit the denture and make any necessary adjustments. Our patients are also provided with instructions on wearing and taking care of the denture.

New dentures can feel a little odd for a short time but this normally resolves itself after a few weeks once the cheeks and tongue get used to keeping them in place and you become comfortable in inserting and removing them. Dentures will give you your smile back!